This project is the second project I created about dumpster diving. Every time I dumpster dove I wrote down everything I found, and then I went to the specific store and wrote down the value, and the amount worth of food was quite astonishing. I only ate what I found in dumpsters for 6 weeks during the project. What inspired me to create the project was that I wanted to create awareness about how much edible food is being thrown away. There are 4 food giants; Norgesgruppen, Coop, Rema 1000 and Ica Norge, who basically monopolize the Norwegian food market and all of them have promised to give all edible leftover food to a voluntary organization called Matsentralen who again give out food to people that need it. However, as I lived off food waste from 2 of the food giants for 6 weeks, so it is safe to say that they are not keeping their promise.

Created by Sara Nordby, documentary photographer and photojournalist, 2014.